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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Music to My Ears 

As much as I like Bruce Springsteen and REM, I admit that their endorsement is a poor reason to vote for John Kerry. Similarly, as much as I loathe Kid Rock and Ted Nugent (his pontificating, not his music - "Stranglehold" kicks ass!), I admit that their endorsement is a poor reason to vote against the Boy King.

Having said that, however, I just loved this e-mail going out from the Supersuckers' Eddie Spaghetti, which features one of the most brilliant analogies I have ever seen:
Let's say that the Republican Party is Van Halen and (for the sake of argument we will time travel quite a bit) Abraham Lincoln is the David Lee Roth of Republicans. An ass kicking, slave freeing, minimize-the-government-in-our-lives bad ass. The glory years. Then let's say that Sammy Hagar is the Ronald Reagan character, he totally lost the die-hard but for some reason Van Halen had never been more popular. Hit after hit. The Van Halen machine makes more money than anyone thought possible! Next, sadly, it's time to enter that guy from Extreme, Gary Cherone. Here is our G.W. Bush. Even the most dyed-in-the-wool Van Halen fans have to admit, this was one bad idea, it didn't work and, thankfully we only had to put up with one record from this version of the Republican Par..., uh, I mean... Van Halen. Gary made Van Halen so bad that Sammy Hagar returning actually seems to be a GOOD idea!

So there you go, even Republicans have to admit that G.W. has totally "Gary Cheroned" this Presidency, don't you think? I thought this would help clear things up for you. Now get out there and buy one of those "Republicans For Kerry" stickers and help us make this change. Sure Kerry's no Diamond Dave either, but who is anymore? It's not like Van Halen's gonna ask ME to sing for 'em...

Ooooh, that's good!

In other music related political news, I recently discovered a group calling themselves Honky Tonkers for Truth. You can download their song, "Takin' My Country Back," here, and here's their manifesto:
Music City is full of singers, songwriters, players, engineers, publishers and producers who support our troops overseas, believe in family, faith and freedom, and who deeply love this country.

HOWEVER.....they can see that the plans and policies of the current president are not working. They want to make sure that all the mistakes don’t continue for another four years. More importantly, there are millions of Country music lovers who feel the same way. Any common sense working man or woman can tell you..."when the boss hasn't been doing his job, he needs to be fired and replaced." It’s as simple as that.

I note in particular that one of the principals behind Honky Tonkers for Truth is the brilliant Nashville session bassist - and something of a hero of mine - Dave Pomeroy. As we say around our house (my three-year-old has it committed to memory): Give the bassist some love!




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