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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Falling Upwards 

Suppose you worked for the Bush administration, and then suppose you were a common criminal. But I repeat myself.

From TAPPED Online comes the latest in the continuing story of Mike Scully, the ball-licking ratbastard who threatened to fire chief Medicare actuary Richard Foster if he dared tell the truth about the actual cost of Chimpy's much ballyhooed "prescription drug benefit" (beneficial if you happen to be in the business of selling prescription drugs, that is).

While the Health and Human Services Department's Inspector General declared that Scully's actions did not constitute a violation of federal laws prohibiting intentionally lying to Congress, because the President and his people have a constitutional right to lie to Congress (the IG has yet to determine whether HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson's "ethics waiver," which allowed Scully to pursue employment in the pharmaceutical industry at the same time he was pimping for them, is in any way problematic), others are less sanguine. No matter. It's water under the bridge now, and Scully has moved on to a well-deserved career in lobbying.

Except that he has done no such thing. Quoting the subscription-only Roll Call, TAPPED reveals:
In perhaps the ultimate sign of Scully’s resurrection, President Bush’s re-election campaign has tapped him to be its chief surrogate on Medicare policy.

Scully is billed as the keynote speaker for a major industry breakfast Oct. 19, where experts aligned with the Bush and Kerry campaigns will lay out “competing visions” on the future of the health care entitlement.

But my favorite part of the Roll Call article is this quote from Scully:
In a political year, people will look for any nugget they can find, and I’m that nugget.

Yeah - butt nugget, you mean.




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