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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Beer Goggles ("If They Don't Win It's a Shame" Edition) 

Thanks, Edgar!Today was a perfect day for baseball. Our seats - section 104, eight rows up in dead center field - were in the shade when we got to the park, but the sun crept up by the second inning. It was about 70 degrees and glorious.

I took my son to Safeco Field to see the last game of this dismal, disappointing season. Ninety nine losses, one of which happened to occur today. But it was a perfect day for baseball, and perfect baseball is what we saw.

Not the play on the field - that was decidedly less than perfect. I looked up in the fourth inning or so and was surprised to see that, even though the Texas Rangers were ahead, thay had already committed two errors. One of them I saw when it happened, but I still have no idea when the second error happened, or if there were more. Hell, I don't even know the final score - it was three/zip, Rangers, when we left in the bottom of the eighth inning.

But we did see a few things, enough for me to score the game "perfect." First, of course, we saw Ichiro Suzuki's 262nd hit of the season - the standing record. It may be that Ichiro, or someone else, breaks that record next year, or soon. Then again, it may be that the record stands for 84 years, just like George Sisler's record of 257 hits in a season stood for 84 years, and I will not live to see the current record broken. For that matter, if the record stands 84 years, my son may not live to see it broken.

The second thing we saw was Edgar Martinez's last at-bat. I wish he had hit a double - it would have been truly poetic. What he actually hit was a soft chopper to shortstop - not a double, but a double play. You know what? I didn't care - I was watching it through tears, anyway. I was holding Nicholas up so that he could see over the crowd standing in front of us. My hands were full, so I asked Nick to clap, clap as loud as he could - clap loud enough for both of us, because Edgar might be the best I've ever seen. And damned if that boy didn't clap his little heart out.

Here's what we didn't see, but I wish we had - Mickey Lopez coming to the plate in the bottom of the ninth. Who's Mickey Lopez, you ask? Hell if I know. I don't even know what position he plays (I haven't followed the Mariners much since football season began; I assume Lopez was called up sometime during this last month). But here's what I do know about Mickey Lopez: He got his first major league hit today, at the age of 30, after 9 years in minor league ball.

Careers end, and careers begin. Will Mickey Lopez be the next Edgar Martinez? Probably not - but you never know, do you? We'll have to take up this grand story again next April if we hope to know what becomes of Mickey Lopez, and Ichiro Suzuki, and the rest of the men who get paid to play like boys while they wear the local laundry. I can't wait, and I bet Mickey Lopez can't wait, either.

In the fridge...

...is nothing at all; the cupboard is bare. But I did get to enjoy some nice beers today.

One of those beers is Pyramid Breweries' Curve Ball, a Kolsch-style (sorry, I'm too lazy to look up the HTML for an "o" with an umlaut) seasonal summer ale. It's what you would expect - light and hoppy, with a fruit-and-honey feel - and a nice beer to enjoy at the ballpark (not hard for me - the Pyramid brewery is literally across the street from Safeco Field). I also got to enjoy an old favorite - Fuller's ESB. Not at the park, of course, but at a little English pub (called George and the Dragon) as I was walking back from helping a friend put his boat in the water. Two fine beears, perfect for a fine Indian summer day.




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